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Fat Freeze FAQs: Everything You Need to Know About Non-Surgical Fat Removal


Looking for an effective fat loss treatment without going under the knife? Now there are safe alternatives to invasive, surgical fat removal treatments. At Melamed Aesthetics in Deerfield, IL, we offer non-surgical fat removal treatments, including the increasingly popular fat-freezing. Here, we debunk myths and provide the facts about non-surgical fat removal so you can make safe, well-informed decisions for your body and well-being.

Why Are We So Caught Up with Body Image?

Body image has been a concern for centuries, driven by cultural trends and social media. Today, the world is obsessed with managing fat on our bodies. While having fat is natural and nothing to be ashamed of, it’s also okay to want to reduce problem areas to feel more confident.

Why Go for Non-Surgical Fat Removal Treatments?

Non-surgical fat removal treatments, like fat-freezing, are ideal for those who are exhausted from balancing work, workouts, and healthy eating but still struggle with stubborn fat pockets. These treatments are fast, safe, and involve no downtime, pain, or scarring. They offer an effective solution for targeting fat areas that exercise and diet can’t touch.

How Does Non-Surgical Fat Freezing Work?

Fat-freezing, or cryolipolysis, involves applying a special vacuumed applicator to the target area. Controlled cooling lowers the treatment area to -9°C, freezing the fat cells without damaging surrounding cells. The frozen fat cells crystallize, die, and are naturally eliminated by the body over 12 weeks, resulting in up to 30% permanent fat cell reduction in the treated area. The best part? There’s no downtime, so you can resume your day immediately after the treatment.

Why Choose Non-Surgical Fat Freezing Over Surgical Treatments Like Liposuction?

Fat-freezing is a safer alternative to surgical options like liposuction because no incision is required. This means faster and easier recovery, with no risk of infection, scarring, or pain. Unlike liposuction, fat-freezing also avoids creating lumpy appearances.

What Areas Can I Treat with Fat Freezing?

Fat-freezing is effective for any area of your body with pockets of fat thicker than 3 cm, including:

  • Arms
  • Abdomen/stomach rolls
  • Love handles
  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Back of the bra area
  • Double chin

Does Non-Surgical Fat Freezing Go by Any Other Name?

Yes, fat-freezing is also known as CoolSculpting, fat-freezing Cryolipolysis, and Clatuu. These treatments all use controlled cooling to permanently eliminate stubborn fat.

The Benefits of Fat Freezing for Fat Loss

  • Non-invasive, with no chemicals or needles
  • Permanently eliminates 30% of fat cells in the treated area
  • Natural elimination of fat cells over 10-12 weeks
  • No downtime, can be done during a lunch break
  • Controlled cooling technique means no pain

The Risks of Fat Freezing for Fat Loss

While fat-freezing is generally safe, there are possible side effects, including temporary bruising, redness, swelling, numbness, tenderness, and itching. In rare cases, some may experience strong cramping or muscle spasms up to 4 weeks after treatment. A very rare side effect is Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia (PAH), with a risk of only 0.0051%.

What Does It Cost and What is the Pricing for Fat Freezing for Fat Loss?

Pricing varies based on individual needs and treatment areas. At Melamed Aesthetics, we offer complimentary consultations to understand your body goals and develop a personalized treatment plan.

Is Fat Freezing the Only Non-Surgical Treatment Method Available?

There are other non-surgical fat reduction treatments like Fat Cavitation, HIFU Skin Tightening, and TeslaFormer Muscle Definer. While HIFU and TeslaFormer do not focus on large areas of fat removal, they help target small areas and enhance muscle appearance. Combining these treatments can provide optimal results for your body contouring goals.

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